August 25th, 2017

Hurricane Harvey hist the Coastal Bend of South Texas with a vengeance not seen for over 33 years. Small towns like Port Aransas, Rockport and Aransas Pass were quite literally, torn off the map. 

When FEMA and other Disaster Relief Agencies put out the call for local companies to help with the clean up in these areas, we called on all of our resources to help. Trucks from all over the US have showed up to large piles of debris and long days of hauling out "pieces of small town Texas." 

As of today 10/27/2017, these towns are still trying to recover services we normally took for granted. A large number are still displaced and coming to terms with shock, grief and looking to rebuild. 

With the season not yet over and Florida and Puerto Rico still in the midst of cleaning up after Irma, trucking away small towns in the south will be going on for a while. 

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